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  Safety is essential in all walks of life. Security company's specialty is its solid backing. For example, there are hundreds of security companies in the market. The service types of security companies can also show different ways. For customers, before we make the right choice, the security company has a clear position.
  Therefore, before choosing a security company, we need to be clearly positioned to ensure that we can get better service. In order to ensure personal safety, we must understand the requirements of safety companies for different types of safety, so as to fully understand the safety industry.
  First, the security personnel of shopping malls
  As a commercial center, shopping mall gathers a large number of commercial resources and attracts a large number of customers. Every day there are a lot of customers coming in. At this time, security work is also very important, because it guarantees the safety of customers'lives and property, and plays a very important role.
  1. 商场保安人员的日常工作就是对商场商户进行消防检查和安全检查,从而消除可能存在的安全隐患。

  1. The daily work of the security personnel in shopping malls is to carry out fire and safety inspections on the merchants in shopping malls, so as to eliminate potential safety hazards.


  2. 在商场发生危险时,保安人员还需要维持现场秩序,保护有序疏散,尽量减少人员伤亡。同时,维护商场周边的稳定秩序也是安保人员的工作之一。
  2. When danger occurs in a shopping mall, security personnel also need to maintain the order of the scene, protect the orderly evacuation and minimize casualties. At the same time, maintaining the stability and order around the shopping mall is also one of the work of security personnel.
  3. According to the company's regulations, responsible for workshop inspection, anti-theft and anti-theft treatment.
  4. 负责疏通店铺门前的交通,确保通道畅通。
  4. Be responsible for dredging the traffic in front of the shop to ensure the smooth passage.
  Second, social security personnel
  Compared with the workload of security personnel in shopping malls, the workload of security personnel in residential areas has been reduced to a certain extent. Their main work is:
  1. 负责小区内外车辆和人员的日常登记和检查,确保小区内外人员的安全。
  1. To be responsible for the daily registration and inspection of vehicles and personnel inside and outside the community to ensure the safety of personnel inside and outside the community.
  2. 在社区内定期巡逻,维持社区秩序稳定。当社区居民需要帮助或处于危险中时,他们需要提供及时的帮助,尽最大努力帮助他们解决问题。
  2. Patrol regularly in the community to maintain community order and stability. When community residents need help or are in danger, they need to provide timely help and do their best to help them solve problems.
  3. Check the identification of community visitors and register them.
  4. 做好社区防火、防盗、安全防灾和事故等安全防范工作。
  4. Do a good job in community fire prevention, theft prevention, safety and disaster prevention and accident prevention.
  Office security personnel
  The work of security personnel includes:
  1. 维护办公楼及周边环境的稳定秩序,及时调查各类隐患。
  1. Maintain the stable order of office buildings and surrounding environment, and investigate all kinds of hidden dangers in time.
  2. 进出办公场所的车辆和人员也应当进行详细登记,以保证进出办公场所人员的人身安全。
  2. Vehicles and personnel entering and leaving the office should also be registered in detail to ensure the personal safety of personnel entering and leaving the office.
  3. Good image of security personnel and excellent moral quality will also improve people's evaluation of enterprises and maintain the image of enterprises in the eyes of customers.
  4. 负责检查各层公共设施,检查安全、防火、防盗设施和人员状况。
  4. Be responsible for inspecting public facilities at all levels and checking safety, fire protection, anti-theft facilities and personnel conditions.
  5. 马上向销售人员报告并带回部门进行处理
  5. Report to the salesperson immediately and bring it back to the Department for processing.
  6. 如监测中心通知楼层有烟雾报警,应赶赴现场检查确认类别,及时将现场情况告知监测中心,并在接到监测中心指示后按照指示进行。
  6. If the monitoring center notifies the floor of the smoke alarm, it should rush to the scene to check and confirm the type, inform the monitoring center of the scene situation in time, and follow the instructions after receiving the instructions from the monitoring center.
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